Wednesday, September 05, 2007


As I logged in to post this entry I saw the warning from Blogger about hackers who were posting to other peoples blogs. Which leads me to my own problem. I was doing some routine maintenance to the pages on my site. My site has a lot of material, over 120 pages worth. Mostly it is the text from my books, but there is also material on colorblindness, diabetes, and of course my family.

To keep track of everything, I have organized the pages by category and placed each category into a separate folder. So far so good. It also makes maintenance very easy. I also have two very complete HTML editors and I use one or the other according to my mood. Both do the job in roughly the same way. The thing about this way of organizing site is that if you name the root page of each folder index.html, people can reference that folder and bring up that root without having to cite a particular page name. It is a convenience for browsers and visitors.

As I was saying, I was doing some routine maintenance and when I pulled up the index page of one of the sub folders I noticed that there was a script in the header, a script that I did not put there. I immediately removed it, and checked all the other index pages in all the other sub folders, sure enough each one had that same script. None of the other pages seemed to have any uninvited guest code like that. I called my Hosting system and they assured me that their system was absolutely secure and the hacker must have come in through my system, and since I was the webmaster the problem was basically mine. Great!!! They suggested that I change the password on my system. Shit!!!

On a brighter note, it seems as if I will start to collect from my Unisys pension and my annuity plans starting December 1. That will provide a nice cushion until my Social Security kicks in.

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