Friday, August 31, 2007

catch up time

Didj'a ever wonder:

Watching a show yesterday, which was rated as MA (yes on Cable, but not on one of the premiums) and it seemed as if the commercials were more risque than the show itself. The lingerie commercials with the models in the skimpiest of underwear and the camera focusing in on the girl's crotches (the girls helping along by doing splits and squats, etc) Who says sex doesn't sell?

At the local supermarket, watching the young moms with their offspring walking around in jeans and shorts cut so low and so skimpy and so tight that you could clearly see everything they owned.

Then there are the ones with the short tight skirts who are constantly pulling the waist up, and the hem down.

What fascinates me is that these girls are dressed in clothing that would make a street walker blush, and yet they seem to get get annoyed when people stare at them, or at least drool in their direction.

Go figure,

So yesterday I turned on my machine and - nothing! Could not connect to any site. So I called my ISP, they checked had me run some tests and said it wasn't them. They gave me the tech support numbers for Symantec (my firewall) and Microsoft (everything else). Worked on it all day, finally deinstalled the Norton Software, still nothing.

This morning I tried again, an everything is fine. Go fugure!

It turns out that my seven years at Unisys vested me in the pension plan, and as of 1/1/2008 I will start to collect a substantial monthly benefit. Nice.

Mid-September I have an appointment with Social Security to sign up for Medicare. Meanwhile the daily mail brings new offers from insurance companies to provide me with Medicare supplemental coverage. I need to learn more about the whole process before I make a committment.

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