Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hazy, hot and very, very humid

Normally I would fill this space with some comments about my recent activities, but alas, I haven't had any recent activities. Isn't that a sad commentary in and of itself? I have been preparing for my drive to Connecticut next week for my grandson Jake's birthday party. I have had the present sitting on my table, all wrapped for quite some time. Thankfully my daughter, his mother, has been diligent in helping me with the latest things he is into. A few years ago it was truck, then Spiderman, and now transformers. Funny how his likes seem to track with the latest movies.

The weather outside has been brutal, at least for me. There are those who just live this weather so they can sit outside by the pool and bake, or toast themselves. Feels great I guess while you are doing it, but after my last trip to the dermatologist to have small skin cancers removed, I decided that discretion was the better part of valor and that I would stay out of the sun, at least I would unless I was mostly clothed.

It will be nice to see Jessie and the kids again. It has been a while. However I have this feeling of dread arising from my previous experience with this weekend trip. 9/11, Katrina, and my home flood, all happened on this weekend What can happen this weekend.

On a lighter note I will have company for a good part of the trip, I will be picking up my son Micah and his wife Misun in Manhattan and taking them to the party, and then bringing them back on Monday. That should give all of us plenty of time to catch up and get re-acquainted

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