Sunday, August 19, 2007

Lazy Sunday

Required weather comment: can you say magnificent - try humidity at 20% temperature at 78 degrees, and sunny almost cloudless skies with just a hint of a breeze. That was yesterday, it was so nice, Mother Nature decided to repeat it today, and maybe even tomorrow.

On Friday my niece Corrie and her husband Brian had their third boy, The young man's name will be Lucas Donovan Aljian. He will join his brothers Sebastian Conner and Oliver Duncan. I get the feeling that Corrie and Brian have a love of things English.

Last week My daughter Hillary's very good friend (maybe best friend) Felicia gave birth to a little girl who she named Brooklyn Emma Levy. Yesterday, following Jewish tradition they all went to the synagogue and during the Saturday morning service amidst other Bat Mitzvahs, and ceremonies, she was given her Hebrew name.

After the service everyone attacked the luncheon, bagels, cake, salads, drinks, etc. Then friends and family were invited to Felicia's home for more lunch, bagels, cakes, salads and drinks. By the time we got back to my daughter's house I was stuffed fuller than a Thanksgiving Turkey. Thankfully I got to go home, while Hillary and her family go to go to a reception for one of the little girls who was Bat Mitzvahed that morning.

This was the first time I had been to a synagogue for a service since my granddaughter Daria's baby naming - seven years ago.

My son, who has issues with calendars, etc. apparently though that my grandson Jake's birthday party was Labor Day weekend and agreed to have me pick him up in Manhattan and bring him back.

As it got closer, it turns out he finally check what I was telling him about my plans with his calendar. He called me, concerned that it would be very crowded in my car , what with me, he and Misun and Lindsey and Daria. I told him that I wouldn't be uncomfortable, and that generally it was a five passenger car that it seated five comfortably, and that it had plenty of luggage space.

Then he asked if I could pick him up (in Manhattan) some time after 4:30 on Friday, I had already told him there was no way I wanted to take the time to stop up for a visit to his new Condo. When I reconfirmed that I would pick him up at around noon, things started to unravel. Turns out that not only did he need to be picked up after 4:30, but he also needed to be back by 9:00 AM Monday because Misun had a doctor's appointment. No way I could do either.

Leaving mid-Manhattan at the height of rush hour to drive across Connecticut would get us to Jessie's close to midnight. No way. So Micah will try to make other plans. I told him my offer of a lift still stood if he could conform to my driving schedule, especially since I would have Lindsey and maybe Daria in the car.

On a lighter note: I am sure everyone has seen the GEICO commercials, there are two sets, the Gecko, which are extremely well done, and always fresh and amusing, and the newer Caveman series, which are equally well done. Interesting thing about these commercials is that the sponsor's name gets fixed in your mind. Some previous successful commercials from other advertiser were very memorable, but people had a tough time remembering the sponsor's name. Everyone knows the GEICE Gecko and the GEICO Caveman. Which brings me to the point of my story - yesterday I saw a TV ad for what looks to be a new series in the fall, about modern Cavemen to air on ABC, inspired by... the GEICO Commercial.

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