Thursday, February 01, 2007

Appearances can be deceiving

When I had my "minor" accident last weekend, it looks as if all they needed to do was straighten and repaint, or repair and repaint the hood and that would be it. I would probably be paying all the cost from my deductible. Oh little did I know that was not to be.

They called yesterday to tell me that the car would probably be ready next Monday, not today - Thursday - as we originally discussed. OK so why is that? Well I was right about the hood, but that was before they opened up the front. Seems that there is a cover over the radiator, which was cracked, some damage to the bumper, the license plate holder was cracked, and so on, and so on, and oh yes, all the little stickers on the underside of the hood, and on all the pieces that needed to be replaced, all had to be replaced - cost for stickers approx $50 - Go figure.

Total estimate, approx $1000, less my deductible of $250, plus whatever GEICO has to pay for the rental car for a week. So much for a "minor" accident.

Yesterday the repairman from Comcast came to fix my service. Seems that when the last fellow was here to install the two new outlets he saw there were already four connected outlets, so he just unhooked one!!! Unfortunately two of the ones they left connected were from the dish I no longer have.

Now I have everything connected properly, and just in time for the big game on Sunday.

When my daughter volunteered me to edit her friend Felicia's Doctoral Thesis. This is something I do for my daughter all the time - no not doctoral theses but articles and the occasional resume or letter.

I didn't think about it, until all 109 pages landed in my inbox. Felecia was pretty good about spelling and grammar, but very weak in providing citations, and making unattributed/unsupported statements. I have completed my review of the first 55 pages so far and hopefully when she gets it all back it will help her toward the next step.

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