Sunday, December 24, 2006

Decisions, decisions

I have reviewed all the materials, read all the reviews, listened to all my friends and relatives and finally decided that I know enough to buy a new large screen TV, all by myself.

If any of you have been TV shopping you have an idea what it entails these days. As previously related there are just so many variables, price, size, type, features, service, reliability, etc. Sometimes it is just a matter of closing one's eyes and diving in, feet first. Of course this doesn't mean I know what I am gong to actually but, but it does mean that I will go out next week, after Christmas, armed with my Consumer Reports article and actually but a TV.

Today is cleaning day. I have made up my mind, I am tired of stepping over the vacuum, and the other cleaning tools. Today is the day I actually do it. The reconstruction folks sent a cleaning crew, but they really only moved the dirt and dust around, didn't do a thorough cleaning. That is my job today, at least vacuuming and wiping down the hardwood floors.

Tomorrow, Christmas day is the day I take pictures of the stuff I am going to eBay and actually post the stuff.

These are my plans. I will let you know how reality matches up with the plans tomorrow night

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