Monday, December 25, 2006

One step forward

I had two chores for this weekend, clean the house and list stuff on eBay.

The first I am thankful to say is done, or at least as well as it is going to get done for now.

The second, well that is another story. I have a pile of stuff to try to sell. Some of it will, some of it won't, but I will try to sell it all.

One item wasn't on my list, but is now. I had a set of six hand painted, limited edition, decorative plates. Each is painted with a wild life scene, ducks, bear, dear, pheasant, etc. I offered them to my daughter Jessie, but she doesn't want them, so they get added to the eBay pile.

Tomorrow I will definitely get to it, if I don't find something else to do. I know I have to go out on some errands, but I will hopefully find time to eBay as well. I have a very long list of errands so I expect that the eBaying will be very short.

By now my daughter Hillary and her family will be in Florida, where her in-laws will spend the next week thoroughly spoiling my granddaughters while Hillary and Bruce relax in Key West. I hope the all have fun.

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