Sunday, February 25, 2007

bullets and snow balls

This weekend again, the weather folk predicted dire stuff. Rain, snow, sleet, ice, etc. Well we dodged the ice bullet and instead got pelted by snow balls, lots and lots of snow has fallen already and in fact as I write this, it is still falling.

Yesterday I went to the Home Depot for an ice chipper (yeah, I did listen to, and believe the weather folks). I was greeted by a sign on the front door, "we have no snow shovels and no ice melt chemicals." Not to be deterred, and since I already had a snow shovel and two bags of ice melt, I asked one of the sales folk if they had any ice chippers. He took me to the tool section (garden variety) and while there were no ice chippers there, there was an edger, It has the same shape head as a chipper but instead of having a long wooden handle, it had a shorter metal shaft with a 'T' shaped handle on it. All in all, ideal for --- chipping ice --- Chippers aren't made for pusing, they are made for banging down on th ice in the hopes of shattering it. The heavier the tool, the more likely it is to --- chip ice.

As I look out my window I see my neighbors valiantly shoveling snow off their cars, or some even shoveling their driveways. It is a losing battle, since it is still coming down fast and furious. All in all a great day to be inside where it is warm, watching a good movie on the TV.

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