Sunday, February 11, 2007

good news, bad news

I have rambled in past posts about the now, direct route between my house and my office. I clocked it, it is ten minutes and just under 6 miles, a far cry from the twenty-forty-five minutes and twenty miles it used to take.

This is good news - it makes it that much easier and faster to get to the office. The bad news is that it makes it that much easier and faster for me to get to the office. My manager knows this and so when people don't show up for their desk shift, who does she call - me! Why? because she knows I can get there in a very short time, problems is, she is giving me less and less time to get there, now it is down to twenty minutes. Of course if I was dressed and waiting that wouldn't be a problem, but usually I wander around my home in an old beat up pair of pants and a tee shirt, and sometimes no pants. Try explaining that as a source of delay.

I spoke to my younger brother this week - he is younger than I by about 6 years. He has decided to retire. Now that makes me feel old, very old.

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