Friday, February 16, 2007


Normally when the sun is shining brightly it is warm outside. Today the air is crisp and clear, the sky is blue, and the sun is shining brightly, and it is 16 degrees outside, yes sixteen degrees. And that is the high so far. I finally finished shoveling my driveway. Well shoveling is not really the proper terminology.

Actually I spent three hours yesterday and another three today chopping through the six inch layer of ice on my driveway, and lifting the blocks of ice up and tossing them on the sides of the drive.

It takes a lot of effort to chop through, fortunately when you succeed you have these big chunks which make removing it easier, just bend down, grab it and throw it.

Of course there is an eight inch pile of ice at the foot of my driveway where the curb is, that is too thick to tackle. I dumped a half a bag of Calcium Chloride on it and will hope for the best. Between the sun and rising temps (into the high 20's and low 30's) maybe it will melt, as it is it is so hard that I can hopefully drive over it with little problem.

The mailman is complaining like hell. Seems the snowplow did the side of the street away from where the mailboxes are and left a 5-6 foot swath of ice in front of the boxes. That is where he has to pull up to to put the mail in the boxes. It is either that or he parks in the street and walks over the ice to the boxes, either way he is pissed.

Apparently the anonymous post I ranted about was placed by my youngest daughter Jessica. I just assumed that since my ex posted to my oldest daughter Hillary's Blog as anonymous that she did so to mine as well. My daughter corrected me and I apologized to her by phone, but just in case, Mea Culpa, Jessie. I am sorry I ranted at you, it really was aimed at what I though was your mother.

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