Thursday, January 18, 2007


Living in a condo is like living in in a commune, except sometimes it is not. In most condos the association owns the buildings and the unit owners own the interiors from face wall to face wall. In other words from the paint in.

The condos have a master policy which covers the structure and the condos also take care of exterior maintenance. In our condo for some reason, the owners own the buildings just as if the owned a non-condo townhouse but we still have a master policy.

Under most circumstances the Master Policy would take the place of the normal homeowner policy an cover any damage to the structure. Ours it appears does not. As a matter of fact I am doing some research to figure out just what it does cover.

Tonight is the first regular Board meeting that will attend as a homeowner and not as either a Board member or as its President. Should be interesting - the topic - insurance deductibles, and who should pay them.

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