Friday, January 12, 2007

You get what you pay for

Today I received the check from the company that was supposed to verify that my scanner was in working order (it wasn't, and they had to reimburse me themselves)

I also received a deposit from Paypal. I am still waiting for the money from Amazon. This, in and of itself is probably not newsworthy, or even mildly interesting to anyone by myself, if it wasn't for one fact.

I spent some time creating the text for and taking pictures of the three remaining items I would like to sell. Two of these little goodies didn't sell on eBay, possibly because the price was too high. But I torn between trying eBay again, trying Amazon, or trying Craig's list.

For those who don't know about it, Craig's list is free listing site for things and for jobs (they actually charge a small fee for job listings). It is set up by state, so you can sell to your immediate area, but really can't sell nationwide. They do have an international sales are but I haven't checked that out yet.

The last time I used Craig's list I was listing a house for sale, and a couple of rental listings. The properties didn't sell, but then again the listings were free.

This is the first time I was attempting to sell a thing. When I signed on, what struck me almost immediately was the big bold warning from the site master, warning that there are large numbers of scammers out there and sellers should only consummate sales face-to-face. Do not, under any circumstances, give out bank account numbers or Paypay information, or anything similar. Also be very wary of bank checks, postal money orders, Western Union checks, etc. as there are a lot of counterfeiters out there as well

Apparently there are lots of very creative thieves out there. It made me realize how good both Amazon and eBay are. They charge for their services, but you can rely on them to guarantee monies they collect.

Much as I would like to use Craig's list the idea of meeting face to face with a buyer doesn't turn me on.

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