Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year 2007

Let me be the first(?) to wish everyone reading this a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. For those of you who stayed up late last night to usher in the New Year, for those who actually went out to New Year's Eve parties, and to those hardy souls who braved the elements, crowds and noise to stand with the multitudes in Times Square, NY or other similar mass gathering, my condolences.

Me, I watched the very meager offerings on TV until I got so sleepy I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer, so I went to sleep. I am pretty sure I didn't miss much. As far as the body is concerned one night is pretty much the same as another, and when it gets to be bed time, it doesn't make any difference what day it is.

Between Saturday and yesterday I listed some 16 items on eBay. Half of them have multiple watchers and one has a bid. Nice - it is a fun project, will get rid of some stuff I no longer need or use, and maybe make some $$$ in the process.

Today is football day, and a day to watch all sorts of TV show marathons in case you don't like football. I will probably do a little of both.

This week should be interesting. My daughter Hillary and her husband have a very early morning appointment on Wednesday, in Baltimore, so Grandpa gets to sleep over Tuesday night so he can get the kids t school Wednesday morning.

Thursday they will be coming to install my new TV - it would have been nice to have it this past weekend, but then again I probably wouldn't have had the enthusiasm to list the stuff on eBay.

I didn't accomplish much in terms of polishing the Brass bed, but that was not because it was difficult work, but because I made a mistake many years ago which is coming back to haunt me today.

When I lived in Miami, the salt air and dampness did a job on the brass, causing it to tarnish much faster than normal. I spent time polishing the bed and it looked almost new when I was finished. Of course I wondered what I could do to keep it looking that way, and after asking friends, relatives, and at various stores I was told that the best way to keep it shiny was to spray it with a lacquer-like preservative, which I did.

Over time, unfortunately, the coating wears off in places and the brass begins to tarnish again. Unfortunately, the tarnish also creeps under the parts still covered by the spray and over time it gets really bad. Now trying to get the coating off to polish it again, is proving very difficult. The bed is made from brass pipes with ball-like ends used to join one pipe to another. These are very difficult to polish especially where the balls meet the pipes. I will get it done, but just not as quickly as I first thought

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