Monday, January 08, 2007

eBay for fun and profit

My project for last weekend was to list a whole bunch of stuff that I no longer need or want around, or for that matter have room to store. As is usual with stuff sold on eBay, it was too good to throw out and not good enough, or useful enough to keep.

I listed seventeen items, ranging from a used cell phone, to some used Spanish language tapes, etc. Aside from two items, a set of painted plates and a leather day planner binder, it all sold. I didn't include the Rosetta Stone Spanish language system, which was pulled by eBay.

All in all I sold a lot of stuff, and made some $$$ in the process.

Yesterday and today were spent packaging stuff up for shipment and transporting to the local Post office. Four items went in priority mail flat rate boxes, three went by first class mail, and three went by media mail.

I still have two more packaged ready to mail, and two others waiting payment. Two items were bought by the same person, so that is why it doesn't add to fifteen.

I still have four items (including the Rosetta Stone software) to sell on Craig's list - that is free and you can basically keep it there until it sells.

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